Frequently Asked Questions About BIC Cloud 



Can I continue using my data from the test version in the Professional Version?

Yes, you can transport your data and continue working with them when you switch to the Professional Version.

When do I have to pay?

At the end of the 30-day test version, we will contact you. If you want to continue working with BIC Cloud, we will draft an offer for you. Should you decide to terminate your work in BIC Cloud, the access to the test version will be automatically closed and your data will be deleted after 30 days.

Which payment methods are available?

We will send you an invoice.

Why are my data not deleted directly after the end of the trial version?

The process of decision making and ordering a software can consume time - especially in large companies. After the expiration of the test version, we allow you 30 days to decide. Data will be saved in this period for your convenience.

Can I operate BIC Cloud in my own data center?

Yes, if you want to operate BIC Cloud in your own data center, you can either set up a Private Cloud or an On Premises installation.

I am already a customer of BIC Platform. Can I easily switch to BIC Cloud?

Yes, customers of BIC Platform can conveniently switch to BIC Cloud. To initiate the software change, please contact your GBTEC contact person.

I am already using another tool. Can I switch to BIC Cloud?

Switching to BIC Cloud is very easy, thanks to the minimal implementation and training effort necessary. Depending on the tool you are currently using, it may also be possible to automatically transfer existing data into BIC Cloud.

What is the pricing model for BIC Cloud?

Prices are depending on the user quantity and the desired operation method (on-premises, SaaS). For futher information, please contact our sales team at or by telephone at +49 234 97645-110.

Can I use all the features of BIC Cloud Design in the test version?

Yes, there are no restrictions to the features of BIC Cloud Design in the test version.

Can editor and author licenses be added at short notice? How long does the implementation of new users take?

Editor and author licenses can be quickly added when needed. After insertion, you can allocate licenses to your users and they can directly start modeling.

Can multiple users test BIC Cloud?

Yes, the administrator can add further users. For more information, go to the online help in BIC Cloud Design.

Can we adjust or hide objects? If so, how much effort does it take?

Objects from all notations at hand can be autonomously adapted by your administrator and even be hidden, if you do not need them. There is no programming knowledge necessary to adjust or hide objects.



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