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Cover letter:
Your cover letter should be concise and clear and not exceed one page in length. Describe for us all of the interesting details about yourself and your career, as well your motivation regarding the prospective position at GBTEC. Please specify which position you are applying for, i.e. for which department (for unsolicited applications). Explain why you are the right candidate for this position. If you are applying based on a specific recommendation, don’t forget to mention this. Please also let us know your expectations regarding salary.


Similar to your cover letter, your résumé should be clear, informative and well-structured. Its length should be limited to two pages. Highlight your skills and experience for the prospective position. 


Please submit corresponding credentials for all of the activities listed. Your degrees and employer references are absolutely essential. 





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In short, make us curious about you and convince us why you are a match for GBTEC. 
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