Process Automation





Sharpen your company’s competitive edge by automating and accelerating processes. Relieve your employees of manual, time-consuming tasks.
The potential that will be unleashed can be put to use for more demanding tasks, resulting in cost savings.




Vorteile der Prozessausf├╝hrung

Process Automation Benefits


Process automation enables applications or IT systems to function without human intervention. Automated processes are:

  • Reliable
  • Error-free
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Ready for use at any time





Generate Savings and Increase Security


Use automated processes to comply with regulatory and internal company requirements, thereby minimizing vulnerability to errors and, in turn, reducing the associated risks. Many manual tasks can be carried out more efficiently by automating (sub-)processes. This enables the execution of parallel processes, which facilitate the speedier delivery of products or services, potentially leading to a competitive advantage.




Automation von Prozessen

Easy Process Automation


When you think of process automation, does it bring to mind high-cost workflow projects and time-consuming programming efforts? It doesn’t have to be that way! BIC makes it easy to automate your processes. BIC Cloud allows automatable activities to be derived directly from business process models. If these have been entered in an executable language, such as BPMN 2.0, they can be transferred directly to the BIC Execution Engine and executed. Process execution becomes a piece of cake! The integrated task and rule management delivers maximum process quality while increasing transparency within the organization.




Prozesse ausf├╝hren und steuern

Execute and Control Processes


BIC's Execution Engine ensures that processes are executed according to defined specifications. The current process status can be viewed at any time and interventions can be made directly. During execution, adjustments can be made to the process model. BIC also comes with intelligent management for versioning edited process instances. Your employees can then devote their full attention to their core tasks – and long processing times will become a thing of the past.




Prozesskosten senken und Routinearbeiten automatisieren

Reduce Process Costs and Automate Routine Tasks


BIC's Execution Engine allows you to close system breaks in complex process chains. Although today, information is normally available in digital form, it is often spread out across different IT systems and requires manual intervention for processing. The Execution Engine can be used to create integrated processes, relieving your employees of time-consuming routine tasks and reducing process costs. Authorized employees can centrally control, track, and monitor complex processes.





Further Benefits of Using BIC BPM Software for Process Automation:


  • Integrated solution for BPM modeling and execution
  • State-of-the-art cloud technology for rapid implementation
  • Intuitive design and maximum user-friendliness
  • Scalability and security
  • Quick integration
  • Predefined workflows for governance, risk, and compliance









Our support staff will assist you in the implementation and configuration of BIC software for your company’s process automation.


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BPM Beratung

Do You Have Questions About Process Automation in Your Company?


Then talk to us. The benefits of automation depend on the process itself and the overall conditions (e.g., economic efficiency). Our highly-experienced consultants will assess your situation and determine where automation makes sense. They will then work with you to plan the steps necessary for ensuring that your project is a success.


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