Integrated Management Systems





Integrated management systems combine a number of different management disciplines into a single system. They enable companies to uniformly and efficiently implement norms and standards. Business areas that can effectively be combined into a single system include:

  • Process Management
  • Quality Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management
  • IT Security
  • Data Protection (GDPR)

Business processes and the IT infrastructure, along with potential risks and controls, are uniquely captured in a single system, providing a distinct holistic view of the different areas and their requirements. An integrated management system provides much more information and is far more efficient than individually-operated management systems.








Integrated Management System

Put BIC Cloud to work as your integrated management system. The synergetic effects reduce maintenance efforts and costs – while at the same time increasing the quality of your data.


All of the various existing systems and standards look at companies from different angles. In many cases, what they are looking at is the same: the company's business processes, responsibilities, and resources. By using an integrated system, this overlap can be effectively leveraged.

  • All relevant data from the different areas, e.g., business processes, documents, IT systems, key figures, etc. is uniquely captured in BIC Cloud, enabling a holistic, cross-departmental overview.
  • Access to all of the data available in BIC facilitates the generation of more precise evaluations, resulting in better decision-making.
  • Collaborative functions support communication both within units and company-wide
  • Technical and content-related maintenance efforts and costs are reduced
  • Isolated solutions and silo mentality are avoided




All the Benefits of a BIC Cloud-Based IMS at a Glance:


  • Uniform process documentation
  • Automatic generation of manuals
  • Optional internal control system and GRC integration
  • Configurable workflows for governance processes
  • Evaluations and reports for all available data
  • Document management
  • Full-text search across all areas
  • Process monitoring
  • Automation of (sub-)processes







M.M.Warburg Bank

BIC in Action at M.M.Warburg Bank


"In our company, the initial impetus for implementing the BIC internal control system came as a result of the heightened regulatory requirements. However, thanks to the high level of process transparency it provides, along with the linking of interrelationships, BIC now also offers us tremendous added value at the management level, supplying us with relevant information that we were not able to access before."

Harald Glieden – Head of Organization M.M.Warburg


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Put BIC’s Existing Solutions to Work in Setting Up
Your Integrated Management System:









GBTEC has successfully implemented a number of different of integrated management systems for companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Let our experienced technicians guide you through the BIC implementation, integrating the system into your existing IT landscape.


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In addition to our technical services, upon request, we can also provide you with consulting services. Our experts will assist you in setting up and implementing your IMS and show you how you can further optimize your existing system. Our consultants’ high level of expertise, combined with a best practice approach, guarantees the rapid success of your project.


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