Successful ERP System Implementation

A process-oriented approach reduces the costs and risks associated with ERP implementation





The success of an ERP implementation hangs on the communication between the process experts in the business units and the IT staff. The better each side understands

the other, the lower the budgetary needs of the project and the higher its quality – and the better the ability to meet deadlines and achieve project goals.





ERP Implementation Challenges


During the implementation or replacement of an ERP solution, project teams are confronted with a large number of challenges. The factors that lead to time and budget overruns frequently include:

  • Differences in understandings of the solution needed (goals, functions, processes) between business units and IT
  • Gaps between process logic and technical implementation, lack of methodology
  • Incompatible concepts for process mapping as well as differing tools
  • Lack of transparency and documentation
  • Lack of process understanding

Our knowledgeable and highly-experienced experts and our popular BIC software solution can help you to successfully carry out your next ERP project.








BIC Combines Business and Technical Views, Facilitating Mutual Understanding


An essential prerequisite for an efficient ERP project is the achievement of a mutual understanding of the business processes and the IT system that is to be implemented. It is also important to take into consideration the IT systems with which it is to be integrated. At the same time, to ensure that the ERP system can be optimally configured at the start and that unnecessary subsequent adjustments can be avoided, the needs of the business units must be thoroughly understood. BIC software allows business processes and IT systems to be represented in a transparent and structured manner and produces an integrated overview.




Schnittstelle zum SAP© Solution Manager

Interface with SAP© Solution Manager


For SAP implementations, BIC provides a technical interface between the SAP Solution Manager and BIC, allowing the convenient exchange of data and providing a best practices approach to your project. BIC uses state-of-the-art technology to integrate technical SAP approaches into your process modeling world. The interface with the SAP Solution Manager was developed to allow you to take advantage of SAP synchronization without having to make changes to your existing BPM procedures. The BIC modules will be augmented with easy-to-use features that permit ideal interaction with your SAP applications.


SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG, Germany.





Advantages of a Process-Oriented ERP Implementation


  • Definition and documentation of end-2-end processes
  • Identification of interfaces
  • Specifiable requirements
  • Clear definition of the system scope
  • Mutual understanding between IT and business units (IT alignment)
  • Quick and easy process documentation
  • Process-related editing of development documents for integration tests
  • Rapid communication of process adjustments via the process portal (change management)






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Our support staff will assist you in the implementation and on-going development of BIC software for your company’s business-IT alignment.


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ERP Einführung

Does Your Company Need Help with an ERP Implementation?


What sets our professional consulting apart is our experience with a large number of successful ERP projects. Upon request, our team of consultants can assist you in the various phases of an ERP implementation:

  • Mapping and evaluation of existing business processes
  • Definition of business and IT requirements
  • Preparation of requirements specifications
  • Design of new business processes
  • Implementation of the new ERP system
  • Change management support

Our highly-trained expert consultants and our best practices approach will ensure the speedy success of your project.


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