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Digital technologies are having a growing influence on the way in which products and services are produced and marketed. Digital transformation has an impact on every area of a company, from production, logistics, IT, and sales to the development of new business models. For digital transformation to be a success, decision-makers must have a transparent overview of the

opportunities and risks attached to the processes that will be affected. GBTEC, with its BIC Cloud software and its wide-ranging know-how, can make it easier for you to identify and evaluate the potential that digitization holds for your company as well as to minimize risks and to actively proceed with the transformation.








Ausgestalten organisatorischer Veränderungen

Shaping Organizational Change


All of the various existing systems and standards look at companies from different angles. In many cases, what they are looking at is the same: the company's business processes, responsibilities, and resources. By using an integrated system, this overlap can be effectively leveraged.

Digitization requires the adaptation of organizational structures and processes. It is important to develop an understanding both of the areas in which transformation makes sense as well as the opportunities and risks associated with digitization.

A process-based organizational and IT analysis is an essential step for identifying digitization potentials. With the BIC Cloud BPM Suite, structures, IT, and business processes can be analyzed, helping you to both identify where in your company there is potential for digitization as well as to evaluate the associated risk. Modified and new digital business processes can be promptly communicated to employees, allowing for rapid implementation.




BIC – The Ideal Toolbox for Your Digitization Project




Analysis of existing processes, evaluation of digital potentials, planning.



Modeling of digital target processes using state-of-the-art notations.



Process-oriented overview of IT and the organization, taking into account all participants.



Process Portal

Rapid, target-group-oriented communication of transformation process information.




Information is augmented directly within the process (process descriptions, task instructions, etc.).



Efficient control of all steps within the process-based project.



When changes are made, employees receive automatic email notifications. The comment function allows employees to submit suggestions for improvements to business processes.


Version Management

Older versions are automatically archived and can be viewed at any time.









We can provide you with comprehensive support for undertaking a digital transformation with BIC software. Particularly when it comes to process automation, our experienced team of experts will be at your side, ready to assist you.


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