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Business Process Management


Are you looking for a way to efficiently and successfully achieve your corporate goals? Business Process Management can help you do exactly that! It handles the identification, design, control, and optimization of your business processes, allowing you to quickly, transparently, and purposefully implement your corporate strategy.


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BIC Software Meets All the Requirements of a
Business Process Management System




Process Modeling

Map your business processes and define responsibilities.



Process Analysis

Rely on reports and evaluations to optimize your business processes.


Change Management

Change Management

Use the process portal to communicate process improvements to everyone involved.


Performance Optimierung

Performance Optimization

Measure and monitor process performance and, in the event of deviations, be able to take immediate corrective action.





Get to Know the BIC Cloud BPM Suite


BPM system requirements can vary greatly from organization to organization.
The BIC Cloud BPM Suite is modularly designed, providing a high degree of flexibility and scalability.



Modeling & Optimization
BIC Cloud Design



Process Automation
BIC Cloud Workflow



Measurement & Monitoring
BIC Cloud Monitor



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We will support you in implementing your BPM system – from technical installation of the BIC software right through to configuration and maintenance.


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Are you currently in the process of implementing Business Process Management at your company or are you looking to improve in this area?


Our highly-experienced expert consultants, whose know-how has been gained through a wide range of different projects, will support you in implementing process management at your company and in finding solutions to tricky BPM questions.



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Typical Services Provided by GBTEC in Business Process Management Projects


Project example 1: Professional BPM (excerpt)


Conceptional Support

  • Project scope and project planning
  • Manual of conventions for consistent modeling
  • Actual and future states analysis
  • Setting up of the process landscape
  • Setting up of the level concept 
  • Setting up of master data


Technical Support 

  • Supply of a test and live systems 
  • Technical requirements
  • Concept for roles, rights and access
  • Installation of the data base (users, access, multi-customers, master data)

Operative Support

  • Project management
  • Workshops
  • Outsourcing of process modeling (Modeling Factory)
  • Process-rollout 
  • Internal Marketing 
  • Product trainings


Project example 2: Technical BPM (excerpt)


Conceptional Support

  • Project scope and project planning
  • Actual and future states analysis
  • Analysis of existing systems and possible integrations
  • professional and technical rough concept
  • Design prototyp
  • professional and technical fine concept
  • technical process modeling 

Technical Support 

  • Installation of the system components
  • Mask configuration
  • Interface configuration
  • Test mode support
  • Going live support

Operative Support

  • Project management
  • Workshops
  • Process-rollout 
  • Internal Marketing 
  • Product trainings
  • Controlling
  • Documentation




BPM Consulting


Our project support includes providing you with our professional and technical know-how right through until you achieve your project goals – this is what sets us apart from manufacturers who simply produce tools. Our approach is based on proven best practices and can be flexibly adapted to meet your wishes.


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Premium Aerotec, the leading supplier of aircraft parts, successfully implemented BIC as its corporate-wide process management system.


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