Business-IT Alignment

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In today’s organizations, business units and IT need to now forge a closer relationship than ever before. Digital transformations require that business activities and the information technology underlying them be viewed as a unit.

BIC Business-IT Alignment software provides companies with the building blocks they need for establishing this integration and for optimally adapting digital solutions to business requirements.







Business IT Alignment

The IT department needs to be able to understand the requirements of the business units and to implement solutions to meet those requirements. This is the goal of business-IT alignment.


The BIC solution for IT alignment assists in fostering mutual understanding and transparency on both sides, enabling optimum communication and project implementation.

The requirements of both the business units and the IT department are coordinated on the basis of process models so that custom-tailored solutions can be implemented. BIC Business-IT Alignment lays the groundwork upon which managers can make optimal business and technological decisions.




Business IT Alignement with BIC

BIC Links Processes to IT


By adding highly-detailed IT descriptions, BIC allows process models to be quickly expanded with information technology content. It is a one-stop source for process models, templates, and predefined evaluations, guaranteeing rapid results. This integrated approach provides a comprehensive overview of processes as well as IT. BIC Business-IT Alignment has proven itself on an across-the-board basis in industry, for service providers, and in governmental organizations.




Ihre Vorteile mit BIC

Business-IT Alignment: the BIC Advantage


  • Mutual understanding between business units and IT
  • Optimally-adapted IT solutions (operational and technological)
  • Risk minimization for IT projects
  • Wide-ranging support for digital transformations
  • Rapid and cost-effective implementation of new processes and IT systems
  • Combined documentation of processes and IT




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Our support staff will assist you in the implementation and on-going development of BIC software for your company’s business-IT alignment.


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BPM Beratung

Along with technical services, we can also, upon request, provide you with consulting services. Our experts will assist you in setting up and implementing a BPM system that will support business-IT alignment. Our highly-trained expert consultants and our best practices approach ensure the quick success of your project.


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GBTEC’s Consulting Services and BIC BPM Suite Are Supporting Business-IT Alignment at the German Federal Office of Administration


Like other organizations, Germany’s federal government could not function without state-of-the-art digital processes. The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) is meeting the challenges of digitization by taking comprehensive steps to modernize its administration. The basis for this is an integrated process and IT services model developed using business-IT alignment methodology. It permits a functional specification of requirements, helping to not only break down the language barrier between business units and IT departments, but also to comprehensively harmonize IT solutions. This integration of processes and services significantly improves communication between business units, administration, and IT, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and avoiding costly misdirected efforts by IT. It has proven itself on an across-the-board basis in industry, for service providers, and in governmental organizations.




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