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What is BIC Cloud?

An innovative, webbased software for business process reengineering in its most effective form – that’s what BIC Cloud is. In that regard BIC Cloud is more than a pure tool for process modeling and analysis. With its comprehensive functionality, it is also ideally suited as an integrated management system.  State-of-the-art web technology, tried and tested BIC features as well as innovative ideas make BIC Cloud an effective but simple process management platform for both beginners and experts. 

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BIC as Software as a Service or On Premises

BIC Cloud enables you and your colleagues to access to your business processes at any time and from any location. Thanks to the innovative web technology, BIC is available in different Cloud and SaaS variants or can be implemented and operated in your own computer center. You decide which variant is most suitable for your company. 

You benefit in many different ways: 

  • Low investment costs 
  • Low or no implementation efforts
  • Conservation of your IT resources 
  • Direct launch
  • Flexibly scalable
  • No procurement and hardware maintenance (Cloud or Saas)







Optimize processes directly in your browser – online & offline

BIC Cloud has the unique advantage that you can continue to work without an internet connection. Changes can be stored in the cloud or on the server at a later date. While you are processing a model offline, it remains locked to other users. It can only be processed by others once you have re-enabled it.






Process control, collaboration and document management 

Avoid email and storage chaos with the BIC Cloud platform.
Your colleagues will find all of the information and documents they need in the BIC Cloud process portal right there where there are needed – in your process. BIC Cloud offers you an integrated documentation management system for the process-based administration of your documents. Avoid lengthy searches and complicated system integration. The collaborative functions of the BIC Cloud ensure an effortless exchange procedure for all participants, and release workflows facilitate your process control. 





Business Process Reengineering made easy 

Process optimization should be the first priority in process management. Documentation, on the other hand, should run quickly and easily. That’s why BIC Cloud is your best option: it enables a method-supported and consistent modeling of your process and IT landscape. Thanks to the integrated modeling assistants, process mapping is a piece of cake, and you can assimilate process modeling rules without costly training sessions. BIC Cloud offers you a high-quality repertoire of analysis reports for process analysis. With our tool, you’ll become a process management expert in no time. Convince your management quickly with solid results. 










Design, innovation and scalability 

BIC Cloud stands out due to its attractive design and includes many features that make process management easier and more comfortable. This also allows beginners to quickly become experts in process management.

Start smart – think BIC. BIC Cloud is perfectly scalable, whether it involves a single user, a small team or a large project. With BIC Cloud, you’ll always make the right decision. 





Use proven BIC Technology that has won multiple awards as your cloud service in one of the secure, certified data processing centers. Our highest priority is the protection of your data. 

For professionals, teams, consultants and companies that need more.

  • Process modeling in the cloud
  • Multiple user environment
  • Offline modeling
  • Extensive method selection (BPMN, EPK, organigram, DMN, structural models and much more)  
  • Comprehensive analysis reports
  • Master data administration (glossary)
  • Effortless rights management
  • Collaborative functions  
  • Release workflow with preview  
  • Process portal
  • Multiple import and export options 


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BIC Cloud Monitor provides you with everything you need for process monitoring:

  • Analysis and monitoring of process data or real data
  • Process performance dashboards
  • Integrated BI Tool
  • SAP interface
  • Multi-user environment
  • Preset reports und analyses
  • Export/import interface

Usable without BIC Cloud Professional 



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BIC Cloud will be launched in January 2017. To be sure that you don t miss the GoLive date, please register now for the 30-day-free-trail version. As soon as the trail version is released, you will be sent your login information, so that you can begin testing BIC Cloud right away.
We want to give you the chance to discover the opportunities of BIC Cloud. At the end of the 30 day trail period, you will have the option of continuing to use BIC Cloud at the normal price. Once the 30-day trial period expires, if you have not registered for the paid version of BIC Cloud, your login data will be automatically blocked. No further action on your part is required.
You can upgrade from free trail to professional or business edition at any time. Please contact our sales team by phone +49 234 97645-110 or via email .





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