Process Monitoring with BIC Cloud Monitor


Rely on real data for process measurement and monitoring of business-critical processes.
This allows adverse developments to be recognized and rectified before negative consequences can even arise.





BIC ist eines der leistungsstärksten Process Monitoring Tools am Markt

BIC – One of the Most Powerful Process-Monitoring Tools on the Market


BIC enables rapid and highly efficient monitoring of your organization’s processes. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, experts and first-time users alike will, in no time at all, be able to create and evaluate complex analyses and measurements. BIC Monitor comes with an intelligent standard interface for extracting relevant data from your real systems (e.g., ERP and CRM). This allows BIC Monitor to concentrate on processing the essential data, making the program especially lightweight, fast, and powerful when it comes to evaluations.



Geschäftskennzahlen jederzeit im Blick


Key Business Figures Always Available at a Glance


BIC is based on proven methods of business performance management. The continuous measurement of business and technical data enables valid process control and optimum resource utilization. Create your own personal dashboards to allow you to track the performance of your processes at all times. Dashboards can also be integrated into your existing applications and portals, such as MS SharePoint.




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BIC Monitor is specifically designed for process and IT system measurement. In contrast with traditional business intelligence or data warehouse solutions, BIC comes with an

active, cross-system measurement component. BIC can be used for all point and distance measurements and ensures real-time transparency.




Examples for Key Figure Monitoring & Reporting


Process Figures

  • processing times
  • throughput times
  • idle times
  • process costs

Financial Figures

  • ERP data monitoring (e.g., SAP)
  • CRM data monitoring
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • BI reporting
  • individual financial analyses

SLA Reporting

  • availability indicators
  • reaction times
  • license monitoring
  • quality indicators

Task Monitoring

  • financial closing
  • energy trading
  • test plan creation and monitoring







Process Monitoring at VATTENFALL

Read here to learn how Vattenfall utilizes key figures
for steering its business processes.


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Further Reasons Why BIC Cloud Monitor Is the Right Choice



Höchstmaß an Konnektivität

Maximum Connectivity
Collect data from a wide variety of applications, including SAP, database systems, Hadoop Big Data Clusters, etc., and merge it within a single tool.

Workflows zu Alarmierungen

Workflows for Alarms
Receive notification as soon as a value is in a critical range. Integrated workflows conveniently ensure that notifications will be sent to your mobile device, allowing you to take immediate corrective action.

Zielgruppenspezifische Darstellung

Target-Group-Specific Communication
Customize your dashboards and reports to communicate data so that it meets the specific needs of your target group.



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