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Save precious time with an automated Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Tool


The management of risks counts to the central issues for a successful corporate leadership. The areas Governance, Risk und Compliance, GRC, are the main pillars to identify, assess and prevent risks. These three units often operate isolated. In many companies, various methods and systems are used. With a missing transparency and redundancies, corporate risks cannot be prevented effectively. In BIC Cloud GRC you digitize many tasks and combine the most important tools from the departments governance, risk, and compliance intelligently in one software to strengthen cooperation. This allows for synergy effects to save valuable time and resources in your company.


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With a coherent GRC strategy you raise your company's performance.


Our BIC Cloud GRC tool supports you in a multitude of ways


GRC Tool

  • Setup of a consistent framework for governance, risk and compliance
  • Safeguarding of management and control mechanisms in the whole company
  • Adherence to national and international requirements by setting up an internal control
  • Coherent reporting for internal and external audits
  • Higher transparency and audit or revision safety
  • Safe management of quality standards
  • Automation and reporting features





Professionally manage organizational risks in a central, workflow-based software


You never again need to consolidate endless Excel-sheets and rid yourself of email and filing chaos. Take the easy approach with a smart, automated GRC  tool.


bic cloud grc

Simplify your work with automated GRC processes

Intelligent standard workflows ease many tasks for persons responsible in the areas of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, such as:  

  • Risk detection and evaluation
  • Control detection and execution
  • Test of design and effectiveness
  • Policy Management
  • Action Management
  • Automatic notifications and escalation emails
  • Freely configurable workflows



grc software

Freely definable dashboards make new sense of Governance cockpits

With the dashboards in BIC Cloud you guarantee a full-scale overview and offer a profound decision base for the top management level

  • Freely configurable GRC cockpit
  • Control and risk monitor
  • Various heatmaps and dashboard analyses
  • Personal reports and views
  • Warning tables
  • Aggregation and calculation of freely chosen hierarchies
  • Historical analysis
  • Activity monitoring



governance risk compliance software

Generate reports with one click for a faster implementation of Governance, Risk and Compliance standards

With BIC Cloud, you generate automated reports, matrices and manuals. This enables high transparency and a quick implementation of new standards in your company.

  • Risk Warehouse
  • Internal control manual
  • Internal control matrix
  • Process manuals
  • Process matrix
  • Individually configurable reports
  • Standard export in PDF, PPT, XLS





GRC Vorteile

Your Advantages with BIC Cloud GRC

  • Intuitive user interface and first-class user experience
  • Process Rules Engine for standard and freely configurable workflows
  • Instant implementation and low need for user trainings
  • Integrated BI and monitoring component for efficient analyses
  • Full integration into process management


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First-class Features and Tools for Maximum Risk Control




Define responsibilities with a smart role concept

Efficient GRC Management is enabled by the cooperation of various actors and departments in one organization. Starting by the top-level management to risk managers and compliance authorities to external auditors, different roles hold differing requirements for the functionalities and features of a risk management and internal control solution. To cleanly define roles and responsibilities and enable necessary functional restrictions, BIC Cloud GRC offers a trustworthy tool to manage different stakeholders. By giving an insight into the role concept, the separation of responsibilities can be proven.




Use the universal documentation for the representation during audits

In audits or during internal revision, a transparent and understandable reporting of risks and their relevant controls and actions is required. The GRC tool BIC Cloud delivers the necessary overview of all risk management activities. The deposited workflows give insight into defined procedures and changes. With a connection to the superordinate process models in the BPM Suite BIC Cloud, the overall picture is displayed. In BIC Cloud, you can additionally generate supporting manuals with relevant process information.




Access your data safely, no matter where you are

BIC Cloud is based on modern cloud technology and thus allows a company-wide access, from all locations. The GRC software can be operated in your datacenter or as a cloud solution. By abiding to the highest safety standards and professional IT processes, we guarantee a high IT safety.






Redefine the requirements of your company


Structural / Operational Organization

Processes and structures designed for compliance with governance

Roles and Authorizations

Assignment of responsibilities and associated rights to all staff responsible for control/risk


Definition of automated workflows, including integration of established responsibilities

Document Management

Definition and release of specified documents

Automatic Reports

Risk overview as well as pre-formatted and/or individualized reports

Raise the efficiency of your risk management


Risk Documentation

Documentation of risks, using automated workflows and in compliance with release/approval structures

Risk Assessment

Risks assessed on the basis of probability of occurrence and priority. Upon modification of the risk context, a workflow-controlled evaluation of the assessment will be carried out

Control / Risk Catalogs

Catalogs are transparently managed, including attribution to processes and events

Internal Control System

Securing of operational processes and evaluation of measures for appropriateness and effectiveness


Strengthen the Compliance and ensure safety standards in your company

Company Handbooks + Quality Management

Flexible and adaptable administration of company handbooks/written regulations


Efficient communication between all involved parties via the online portal

Audit Support

Automatic documentation of changes along with reports for internal and external audits

Continuous Improvement Process

Rapid adaptation to and communication of modified compliance guidelines








Work even more efficiently by bringing your GRC and process management together in a unique way





Raise the productivity and effectiveness of your teams

  • Collective access to existing process documentation
  • Unified view at corporate risks in a single software
  • Portal to communicate risks, standards, processes and applicable documents
  • Improved ways of analysis for profound decisions for risks minimization





Modeling & Optimization
BIC Cloud Design


Integration into the Modeling Platform

Corporate risks and relevant controls can be directly attached to a process. This connects all organizational risks along the process chain. Compliance standards can be defined centrally, and their adherence can be easily monitored. By merging process and risk management, potential dangers are not viewed solitarily and synergies are garnered.


GRC Management


Automated Risk and Control Management

The GRC Tool supports you during the detection and assessment of risks, the execution of controls and during action management. With predefined frameworks, processes run automatically according to your requirements. The danger of manual errors is reduced, and the processing speed is considerably increased. The documentation also delivers all relevant information for audits.



Real Time Monitoring
BIC Cloud Monitor


Surveillance and monitoring in real-time

In the risk cockpit, important KPIs and other data are graphically pictured, enabling well-founded decision making. Regular analyses and reports support the continuous improvement process by identifying deviations and improvement potential.






Operate BIC Cloud GRC stand-alone in combination with your usual applications or as an integral component of the BIC Cloud Suite







► Independently operable



► Free combinable

automatische synchronisation


► Automatic synchronizing




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