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The Simplest and Speediest Way to Communicate Processes


In just a few seconds, information can be communicated along the entire value chain to employees, customers, and/or suppliers. Based on user authorization, the portal can provide access to information on organizational structures, process flows, IT systems, applications, documents, analysis results, and much more. Responsibilities and tasks are clearly depicted. State-of-the-art web technology ensures round-the-clock mobile access.

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The BIC Process Portal Has a Variety of Applications. It Allows:


  • Worldwide communication of company information
  • Generation of electronic training manuals
  • Certification and auditing processes
  • Support for continuous improvement processes
  • Implementation of sustained compliance management
  • Introduction of process-based integrated management systems





Prozess Steckbrief

Display Options Tailored to Target Groups


Not very many employees are familiar with modelling methods. This makes it difficult for them to understand the graphical process models. To make it easier to understand process models, BIC can generate various display formats from the modeled process models. The process information can be displayed as:

  • Profile descriptions as text and in tables
  • Easy-to-read document lists (e.g., for process descriptions, checklists, templates, standards, guidelines, etc.)
  • Matrices and diagrams





Individuelles Look and Feel

Customized Look and Feel


Create a unified look and feel that will increase user acceptance. The BIC Cloud interface can be customized with just a few clicks. Graphics for process model symbols can also be adapted.







All Process Portal Benefits at a Glance




Quick and efficient communication and implementation of instructions and process changes.


Prozess Hanbuch

Electronic manuals for training, certifications, and audits created at the touch of a button.



Collaboration functions facilitate active employee participation in process improvements and simplify information exchange.




Document integration ensures continuous availability of information.


Full-text searches of all process information and relevant documents.



Communication of additional information, e.g., standards, risks, and compliance requirements.



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Process Modeling & Analysis
BIC Cloud Modeler







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