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BIC Cloud Design provides optimal support for process modeling and analysis. Visible results are quickly achieved and recommendations for improvement can be rapidly generated for submission to management. Data-supported analyses help in the identification of optimization potential. Unnecessary work steps are reduced, communication is improved and compliance with guidelines is ensured. This all creates the optimum conditions for rapid growth and speeds the achievement of corporate goals. Get started now creating your first processes and let BIC Cloud Design win you over!



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Einfachste Modellierung

Fully Simplified Modeling Thanks to Our Intuitive Design


The innovative BIC Cloud Design modeling tool makes it possible for users to intuitively generate process models and augment them with all needed essential information, including descriptions, documents, key figures, and much more. The program’s intelligent features facilitate consistent process modeling:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Mini-symbol palette, including context-sensitive symbol suggestions
  • Modeling wizard for object alignment
  • Object catalog for frequently-used objects




BPMN 2.0

BPMN 2.0, Archimate, and So Much More


BPM requirements are many and diverse. BIC Cloud Design comes with modeling notations and model types that are just as wide-ranging:

  • Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0)
  • Event-driven Process Chains and Value Chains (EPC, VC)
  • Decision Management Notation (DMN)
  • Archimate
  • Structure Diagrams
  • Organigrams, etc.

BIC Cloud Design provides optimal support for all of your company’s most diverse application scenarios.




A Unique Customer Experience

Develop outstanding Customer Journeys in no time – by connecting them directly to your processes. Monitor all KPIs and adjust processes fittingly to your customers’ needs.

Smooth interactions and processes make customers happy. Professionality and reliability raise the trust in your brand and your services, they are no less fundamental for the success of your business. By implementing and monitoring customer journeys directly in BIC Cloud, you are able to quickly analyze, which processes and IT systems are affected and should be adjusted. Make the most of all advantages of an integrated approach: 


  • Connection of customers‘ interactions and processes that are relevant for your company
  • Easy discovering and defining of new targets and strategies
  • Simple derivation of customer journeys based on the existing process landscape
  • Improved analysis of weak spots
  • Focusing the process optimization on the most important interaction points
  • All data in one system, even in one process landscape


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Customer Journey




BPMN modellieren

Model Your Processes with BPMN 2.0 and Use BIC Cloud Workflow to Immediately Execute Them


More helpful tips on using BPMN 2.0 for process modeling can be found in our download area.




Extensive Process Analyses


BIC Process Warehouse generates detailed reports and evaluations. Thanks to its database-supported modeling, with BIC, users have a wide range of options for analyzing process data and generating attractive diagrams depicting context, connections, relationships, and key figures. Weak points and gaps in the process landscape and IT can be reliably pinpointed and previously unrecognized potential for optimization can be unlocked. Authorization rights establish user access to analyses and reports.

BIC Cloud Design supports:

  • Key figure management
  • Preconfigured analyses and reports (e.g., simulation reports, time and cost analyses)
  • Process relationship and context matrixes
  • Model profiles in MS Word or PDF format


BIC Cloud Design




Professionelle Dokumente

Generate Professional-Quality Documents for Employees and Auditors


At the touch of a button, high-quality process manuals and process profiles displaying the company logo can be created in Word or PDF format. Process models can be saved as pictures or directly and simply be printed out.






Collaboration: Optimizing and Communicating Together

Process modeling usually involves a number of different participants. Integrated collaboration functions provide support in the mapping of their processes. Sophisticated task management features also support model updating and communication between all involved.



Business Process Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Quality Management

Integrated Management Systems


Digital Transformation

Process Automation

ERP Implementation

Business IT Alignment



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