Intelligent Governance Workflows Simplify the Handling and Ensure Revision-proof Traceability


BIC Cloud Governance supplies you with standardized workflows for various BPM processes. Besides process and document releases, these also contain resubmission workflows for regular checks. Thus, you realize the continuous improvement process without problems. At the same time, collaborative features allow a direct feedback to processes as well as an automated notification, when changes occur. BPM worfklows make your process management system faster, easier and safer.




Einfache Freigabe von Prozessmodellen

Release and Collaboration Workflows Based on Zero Code


One- to multi-step, configurable workflows aid in the approval and publication of process models. BIC Cloud Governance provides you with an efficient and convenient solution that is a time-saver for everyone involved. Automated processes replace time-consuming tracking and documentation of checks and approvals.


Different companies can have very different requirements. This is why flexible, adaptable workflows are key in BIC Cloud Governance. The zero code engine in BIC Cloud safeguards that you are able to configure these even without any programming knowledge.




BIC Cloud Governance provides all Essential Workflows for your BPM System out of the Box






Process release &



Document release & deletion


Release of further objects



Collaboration workflows





Simplify Your Work and Make Your Auditor Happy


Who approves the process? When was it last monitored? Which version was valid during a specific time period? With the continuous improvement process in BIC, you easily adhere to such Governance demands and sustainably raise your business success.

  • Release process models
  • Define scope and responsibilities
  • Version outdated documents
  • Low-maintenance thanks to configurable workflows
  • Safely and conveniently pass audits




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