BIC’s Process-Oriented Document Management – Large Amounts of Key Process Information Are Contained in Documents


In process management, there is often a multitude of associated documentation. Compared to documentation requirements for operational units, those for document management are significantly higher. Normally, companies have established strict guidelines for these documents. With BIC, you can ensure that your fellow employees are always working with the current version of documents.




Zu jeder Zeit die gültigen Dokumente direkt am Prozess verknüpft

Direct Linking of Current Document Versions to Processes


A wealth of vital information can be found in process documentation:

  • Process descriptions
  • Procedural guidelines
  • Directives, statutes, and standards
  • Checklists – and much more

BIC reduces the effort required for ensuring that important documents are kept up to date.




Simple and Secure Document Management


Avoid the documentation chaos associated with e-mail and file attachments. No more time-consuming searches, inbox clutter, or forgotten e-mails.

With BIC Cloud, relevant documents are made readily accessible at the process level. Employees will find all the information and documents they need directly in the process model, the process profile, or via the full-text search.

Comment functions make it easy for all participants to exchange information. Eliminate complicated system integrations. Instead, use a sophisticated and transparent solution for managing your process management documents.




The Easiest Method for Handling Managed Documents


Easy upload and download of documents
directly to the process model

Collaboration features
that allow employees to provide feedback on processes and documents

Common full text search
for all processes and documents


Single Sign-On
for simplified user administration

Determination and approval of compliance responsibilities and scope for document objects

Electronic manuals
for training, certifications, and audits generated at the touch of a button






For Quality Management, AES Relies On a Combination of Process and Document Management.


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