BIC Cloud Design & BIC Cloud Monitor




BIC CLOUD Public Edition
BPMN 2.0  
EPC and process landscape (VAC)  
Organisation structures (organigram)  
Decision management (DMN)  
Structure diagram  
Key performance indicator management  
Requirements management  
Risk management  
Goverance attributes  
Time and cost analysis  
Enterprise Architecture  
BIC CLOUD Public Edition
Linking web pages and documents  
Offline modeling - modeling anywhere and anytime
Modeling conventions (are tested during modeling)  
Modeling assistant (context-sensitive symbol suggestions, automated alignment aids)  
Extensive graphical functions to present complex facts even more clearly
Customizable symbol palette
Reusable object catalogs with auto-completition when modeling  
Central repository for modeling in teams
Any desired number of languages in modeling
Release workflows for charts  
Release workflows for documents   
Adaptation of methods  
BIC CLOUD Public Edition
Print Preview and PDF Printing  
Word & Excel Reports with PDF conversion  
Comfortable and powerful process manual  
Diagram profile report as word report with pdf conversion   
Catalogue (master data) export to excel  
Matrix BI report to excel  
Simulation report  
Report library  
BIC CLOUD Public Edition
Collaboration functions
Full text search
Languages (User interface) de, en
Personal favorites
Subscription function  
Version history  
Portal Application for publishing with integrated collaboration  
Document management   
BPMN export   
BPMN import   
Repository Export (JSON)   


BIC Cloud Portal Public Edition
Viewer application  
Tabletbased viewing  
Portal application  
Full text search   
Collaborative issue tracking  
News & activity streams  
Version history  
Change Subscription (E-Mail, RSS)  
BIC Cloud Public Edition
Demo showcase  
Configurable data-filtering  
Visualization with tables  
Visualization with speedo elements  
Visualization with diagrams  
WYSIWYG editor for visualization  
Excel export  
PDF export  
Individual favorits for quick links  
Languages (user interface) de, en
Intelligent search for key indicators  
Active monitoring of web ressources  
Active monitoring of database ressources  
Active monitoring of processes and  data ressources  
ETL applications  
Integrated scheduler for applications and monitoring  
Rights management  
LDAP authentication  
Data assistant  
Powerpoint export  
Individual MyBIC dashboard  
Interface for external measurements  
Monitoring with external agents  
Automated reporting  
Notification and Reporting per Mail  
User defined Extensions (Add-Ons)  

Security attributs for data-filtering in terms of content

SSO (at additional cost)  
BIC CLOUD Public Edition
Certified data center (DIN ISO 27001) (for Cloud and SaaS)  
Roll-based access control  
E-mail support (englisch, german)  
Recommended browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge  
Further browser: Internet Explorer 11  
SSO (at additional cost)  



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