BIC Cloud BPM Suite

The new digital world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Keeping your eye on the ball is essential.
With the innovative BIC Cloud BPM Suite, you can put new business ideas into practice even faster.
From strategy to execution, the platform provides optimal support for process and IT transformation.







Modeling & Optimization
BIC Cloud Design


BIC Cloud Design provides comprehensive process analysis, quick and easy process design, and practically instant publication. Configurable workflows help to ensure compliance with governance regulations. Collaboration functions allow all employees to actively participate in process design.
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Process Automation
BIC Cloud Workflow


BIC Cloud Workflow is a powerful, low-code engine for automating and digitizing business processes. BIC Cloud Workflow helps companies to reduce costs, speed up processes, and more quickly achieve their business goals.

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Measurement & Monitoring
BIC Cloud Monitor


BIC Cloud Monitor enables business processes to be measured and monitored in real time. Process monitoring helps companies to improve their performance as well as to immediately and effectively react to critical situations.

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BIC Cloud GRC: Reliable Risk Management and Consistent Compliance with Regulatory Requirements


BIC Cloud GRC combines Governance, Risk & Compliance in one single system, enabling holistic risk management. BIC Cloud GRC supports risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and monitoring. More about BIC Cloud GRC.


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6 Reasons Why BIC Cloud BPM Suite Is the Right Choice


1. Faster ROI
Quick implementation times and optimization results lead to a faster return on investment.


2. Rapid Results
Simple, intuitive modeling, combined with analyses and quick process execution, lead to rapid, visible results and optimization.


3. State-of-the-Art Cloud Technology
The entire BIC Cloud BPM Suite is based on state-of-the-art Cloud technology and is a ready-to-use solution.

4. Speedy Digital Transformation
Digital ideas can be executed more quickly, enabling an earlier market entry and the speedier introduction of new products and services.


5. Higher-Performance Functionality
BIC Cloud BPM Suite is an integrated platform for BPM and digital transformation. All essential functions have been wrapped into a single program, allowing companies to reduce costs and maintenance efforts.

6. Easy System Administration
BIC Cloud supports single sign-on, simplifying user administration.




Installation and Licensing



Managed or On-Premise Service
BIC Cloud provides companies with state-of-the-art Cloud technology. It can be used in either a private or a public cloud or can be run on-premise from a company data center.


bpm software licence subscription

Subscription or Purchase License
Our pricing is exceptionally flexible and low-cost. Depending upon the model selected, invoicing can be based either upon users or modules. We would be happy to provide you with an individualized quote.

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BIC Cloud Free Trial


Try out BIC Cloud Design for yourself. The trial version allows you to directly create a variety of process models and to discover for yourself the advantages of our intuitive user interface.


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