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GBTEC Software + Consulting AG (Headquarter)
Gesundheitscampus-Sued 23
44801 Bochum


Arrival by car 

The fastest way to reach us is via the A43. Take the “Ruhr-Universität Bochum” exit and continue on Universitätsstraße in the direction of Universität/Stadtzentrum. Get off of Universitätstrasse at the the “Ruhr-Universität West” exit and follow the Max-Imdahl-Straße until you reach a roundabout and take the first exit (K3). Turn on the next street on the left and follow the Gesundheitscampus Strasse up to the first roundabout. Get off at the second exit and continue until the second roundabout and get off the second exit. Follow the road and turn on the next street on the right and follow the road up to GBTEC building. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity of the building.


Arrival by train

From the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) in Bochum (intercity stop), take the bus line 370 (direction Dortmund Lütgendortmund) or bus line 356 (direction Bochum Haarstr.) up to the Stiepeler Strasse stop. Cross the street to the left in the Gesundheitscampus street and follow it until the first roundabout. At the roundabout take the first exit on the right and turn on the first street on the right. Continue to the GBTEC building.

You can also reach GBTEC from the main railway station by taking the U35 subway in the direction of Bochum Hustadt until you arrive at the Ruhr-Universität stop. Leave the train station in the direction of Universität (up the stairway and then turn right). Go down the next stairway on the right and walk in the direction of the parking lot. At the end of the parking lot, you will see a hill on the right that leads to the parking garage entrance of the university. Cross at the entrance. Watch out for traffic approaching fron the right. Follow the road to the end and then turn right into Max-Imdahl-Straße and follow this until the first roundabout. Leave the roundabout at the second exit and turn into the next street on the left. Follow this road to the GBTEC building.


Arrival by plane  

The next big airport is Dusseldorf Airport. You can either take a taxi or the S-Bahn (light rail) to the Bochum train station, and then follow the directions above. 


GBTEC Software + Consulting AG
Neumarkter Straße 63
81673 Munich


Arrival from the North (Nuremberg via the A9)

Take Autobahn A9 to the end of the Autobahn “München-Schwabing (76)” in the direction of Mittlerer Ring Ost, then go on straight ahead on the B2R (Mittlerer Ring) on Schenkendorfstraße. Follow the B2R straight ahead (Isarring, Biedersteiner Tunnel, Isarring, Richard-Strauss-Straße, Leuchtenbergring) for 6.2 km.
In the Leuchtenbergring Tunnel, stay on the right and drive until you find the Berg-am-Laim-Straße. Turn left on Berg-am-Laim-Straße (B304) in the direction of Berg am Laim. After 600 m turn left on the Weihenstephaner Straße, drive another 300 m until Neumarkter Straße, where you turn left. You’ll find us 200 m further on the left side. 


Arrival from the South (Salzburg/Rosenheim via the A8)

Take the Autobahn A8 until you get to the end of the Autobahn “München-Ramersdorf (91)”, then stay on the right and exit onto the Mittlerer Ring (B2R, Innsbrucker Straße) in the direction of Nürnberg/Mittlerer Ring-Ost.

Stay on the right and after 1.4 km drive onto Schlüsselbergstraße. After 700 m go straight ahead on Weihenstephaner Straße.
After 300 m, turn left on Neumarkter Straße. You’ll find us another 200 m down on the left. 


Arrival from the West  (Karlsruhe/Stuttgart via the A8)

Drive on Autobahn A8 until you come to the “Autobahn Dreieck (Triangle) München-Eschenried (79)”, then onto the A99 in the direction of (A9)/Salzburg (A8)/München-Ost.
Follow this until you come to Autobahn intersection München-Nord (13), then onto the A9 in the direction of München, then continue on as described above for “Arrival from the North”.


Arrival from the East  (Altötting via the A94)

Take Autobahn A94 until you come to the end of the Autobahn, continue straight on Einsteinstraße in the direction of München/Berg am Laim.
Turn left onto the B2R/Mittlerer Ring/Leuchtenbergring in the direction of Berg am Laim.                     
After the Leuchtenbergring-Tunnel, stay to the right and exit onto Berg-am-Laim-Straße. After 600 m, turn left on Weihenstephaner Straße, and after another 300 m, left on Neumarkter Straße. We are on the left side in 200 m. 




  • Gesundheitscampus-Süd 23
    44801 Bochum
  • +49 234 97645-100
  • +49 234 97645-101
  • info@gbtec.de
  • Neumarkter Straße 63
    81673 München
  • +49 234 97645-100
  • +49 234 97645-101
  • info@gbtec.de

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